Jerad Hoy
Jerad Hoy
Hey there! I'm a software engineer, paragliding pilot and trail runner based out of Bozeman, Montana!
I'm currently working at the crypto-finance startup Figure, building the next generation of lending, exchange, and payment applications. I'm deeply interested in decentralized applications and geospatial analysis.
Check out some of my paragliding flights on instagram at and follow me on twitter at


ATMO Paragliding

I built an iOS app for paragliding pilots over at It's a flight logbook, vario, map and social flight database that is perfect for tracking your flights, discovering new sites, and sharing your experiences with your friends. Check out the website to learn more!

Trail Routes

For my graduate level Advanced Databases class at MSU, I built a trail routing application that you can use to discover new routes to run on local trails. The frontend is built with vanilla Javascript and Mapbox, while the backend is run on Python, Flask, Postgres, PostGIS and Redis (for caching). All the processing of the USGS trail data was done with Python and QGIS. Check it out below, and check out the repo and writeup here.

MSU Datafest

We were awarded the "Best Overall" prize at Montana State Universities' annual DataFest competition. In this, we clean and analyzed data to come up with an interactive map visualization that shows average job salary by state, county, and industry for the United States. This was built with R, Shiny, and Leaflet. Check out the interactive presentation below!